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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  April 17, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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the suspect. >> and science fans, walk inside for their first look at the new san francisco exploratorium. . good evening, it's wednesday, april 17th. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> in boston, authorities have visual images of a suspect. as of now, no arrests despite erroneous reports earlier today, reporter tory dunn live now in washington on where this investigation stands tonight. tory? >> reporter: boston area hospitals remain busy tonight. the latest numbers we had, 66 people are still in the
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hospital. 13 of whom are in critical condition. investigators are also hard at work. the fbi says no arrests have been made yet. >> massachusetts governor, patrick says the investigation into monday's bombing is going to take time. >> they are doing this in a very truth row thoroughly. >> video shows what could be a suspect. investigators recovered a pressure cooker lid added to evidence already collected. much of which has come from those who witnessed the blast. >> countless pictures, all documenting the moment of terrier, and heroism. >> this veteran saw it firsthand. >> it was the worst day of our
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city, and the best day. >> 8-year-old martin richard, 29-year-old crystal campbell, and li lingzi. it's something that can be with these patients forever. >> speaking before a group of wounded warriors gathered for a bike rally, president obama said they will serve as an insurance operation for the boston victims. >> some of them will be a long road to recovery. >> we have brand-new information. a law enforcement source says images two of men seen near the finish line are being circ
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circulated. we'll update with the latest information. back to you. a young victim from martinez is one step closer to home tonight. >> she under went a two-hour surgery today. she was hit by shrapnel by one of the bombs monday. a battery apparently used as an ignition source to detonate one bomb is manufactured in california >> reporter: let me show you what we're talking about. this is the battery we're talking about they say is mostly used by hobby enthusiasts for radio controlled cars, the same nickel metal hydro chemistry you see in double a batteries. >> the company vice president's
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a shock when he checked the news. >> i was appalled when i saw this, this morning, once i saw the picture on the page i contacted the boston police department, as well as the fbi. >> he says the sub-c size the batteries are sold to hobbyists for remote control cars, accurate ail stores and online, in the united states and overseas. >> this is to bring joy to children, and to be used in such a terrible way is horrible. >> serial numbers are used to pinpoint the manufacture date. >> this connection to the boston attack has stunned the 80 employees here in the fremont
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headquarters. our thoughts go out to the victims. officials say they have not yet heard back from boston police or the fbi. >> reporting live from fremont tonight, ktvu chan 2 news. >> boston face challenges. ahead, how one bay area hospital is playing a direct roll in that treatment. we have developing news in a story out of washington d.c.. late today, federal agents arrested a man for sending a ricin laced letter. the fbi identified the suspect as 45-year-old paul kevin curtis of corinth, mississippi. the white house says no one there was ever in changer. >> i would underscore that the mail is screened, and these tests are undertaken at remote
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sites to mitigate the repeat of recipients. a visibly angry president obama is calling this a shameful day after most senate republicans and a handful of democrats combined to vote down key measures intended to tighten federal gun control laws. >> the amendment is not agreed to. >> in rapid succession, the senate blocked measures that would have expanded background checks for gun purchase. president obama met with the victims of the newtown school shooting victims. he denounced senators who he said caved to political pressure. >> families that know unspeakable grief summon the petition to fight there local leaders not to honor the memory of their children, but to
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protect the lives of all of our children. >> a few minutes ago, a minority in the united states senate decided it wasn't worth it. they blocked common sense reforms even while these families looked on from the senate gallery. >> it vowed they would do everything they can to protect americans without congress. he says the 20 children demand it. >> at&t is offered a $250,000 reward for information on what investigators say appears to be a, quote, coridated sabotage in the south bay. >> it happened in the pre dawn hours near the substation south of san jose. authorities said someone went down manholes and cut two definitely sections of a fiber optic line and used a rifle to
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shoot at the substation. >> data went down, and cameras, surveillance cameras, and then about ten or 15 minutes after that, was the shooting up of the power plant. >> the outage impacted the local 911 emergency lines but there were no reported problems. they say it will take weeks before the substation will be repaired. >> a 22-year-old woman is recovering from surgery. this happened at the home on smally avenue near western. they believe the shots came from the front porch leaving bullet holes. the victim's boyfriend and his two children were in the house. it's possible the boyfriend was the intended target. police are looking to speak to witnesses in this case. three teams appeared in court today with the shooting death in oakland. police say five teens age 14 to 16 face charges in the death of
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34-year-old quinn boyer. they were motivated by the fun of it, not by grief. >> an aspiring firefighter said some of his peers are caught in a vicious cycle. >> they can't get a job now so now they have to do more crimes and illegal activity. after doing that, you're mad at the world. three teens who appeared in court today are due back before a judge june on fourth. now to san francisco where a search is on for a 12-year-old and 16-year-old who escaped from juvenile hall. >> they broke a small window in their cell, skweeed squeezed through it and escaped. >> san francisco police and school district leaders are investigating a second weapons incident at a school. two students were fighting over a stun gun one of them brought
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to campus when the other student got shocked at the international study, academy. shoppers at fresh and easy grocery stores will have to find another place to shop. the chain says it's closing two hundred stores in california, nevada, and arizona. the company has not set a closing date. it hopes to sell the store asks keep workers employed. on wall street, the dow fell 138. shares in san jose's ebay are also sliding. the online auction house earned $667 million in the 1st quarter, up 19% from last year, but the company answered a disappointing
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forecast going forward. ebay shares are down 3% in after hours sharing. oakland leaders presented new budget proposals today for the next two fiscal years. the mayor said the economy's improving but not all services cut in the past will be restored. the mayor said oakland is on the rise. >> what we're proposing is what i call a fair share budget. it invests heavily in public safety, and economic development and jobs. >> the budget include twos more police academies -- includes two more police academies in the next two years. oakland's also facing increases in pension costs and benefits. hearings are scheduled ahead of the headlines on june 30th. >> this might benefit from the veterans here went through. >> san francisco rings the bell
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on on a era for a signature attraction, and just wait until you see the new displays at the bigger and better exploratorium. >> the bay area in the clear right now. coming up, how much warmer can you expect for thursday and the warmest day of the upcoming weekend. .
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. a gas leak in san mateo put residents in a frenzy. two buildings were e vac waited. the repair work is ongoing. continue coverage of the boston marathon bombings. some say the victims will get the benefit of recent medical
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advances because of those on who served overseas. the pioneers work was done by bay area doctors. >> palow alto flew at half staff for the victims of improvised devices. eight months ago devastated the legs, arms, and brains of one soldier, kim fenner's fiance. >> i've heard of the eye hand, which is cool where they can move their hand about and i've heard of prosthetic limbs on lower amp you teas. >> in traumatic injuries has advanced in large part because of the pioneering work here. >> it's very unfortunate what's happened in boston. the incident was horrific, but, individuals who suffered from
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that should know that there is hope. the outcomes are very good. >> improved with unfortunate practice on combat injuries. >> we have come far in the last few years since the war has started in amputee rehabilitation. >> new technology, and improved care, and understanding. the young men and women who have sacrificed overseas have helped make medical care better. >> the outcomes are wonderful in terms of work, return to society overall. >> another reason to be grateful for their service. >> health and science center, ktvu news, john fowler. we are continuing coverage of the bombings, including a slideshow. look for a special tab at the very top of our homepage. oakland police released video of a suspected child molester near the scene of the
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crime. they come near the areas of 10th and oak street where the 7-year-old was attacked inside an apartment building. the man is six feet tall. you see him wearing down the sidewalk. the man got in the apartment by posing as a plumber. 9th circuit court of appeals heard both sizes arguing conversion therapy is dangerous and the state has a right to protect patients. it violates free speech, and interferes with doctors or counselors. amazon is asking you, the user, to help itself new line up of tv shows. it has commissioned pilot epi
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episodes. amazon is hoping to compete with hulu and netflix. netflix has had suj success huge success with house of cards. gal the lalaxys #4r is the 4 is the apple iphone's competitor. the weight is final over for san francisco's exploratorium. the $300 million museum. opened its doors today. >> just like the old exploratorium, a ringing of the bell signifies the opening for the new one. >> the world famous exploratorium is back and better than before. >> i feel like the kid in a
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family who's just moved into san francisco and about to be shown his or her bedroom. >> you get really excited. >> officials along with city and state leaders attended the much anticipated grand reopening ceremony. >> they along with parents see the museum as a fun place to be, but a stepping stone to advance students in science. >> you don't want to be the best of the best; you want to be the only one that does what you do. >> and i think of that quote in the context of today. >> the building itself has six thousand solar panels to generate power. amazing views of the bay has more than 600 exhibits, both inside and out. >> and on top of the older exhibits, there's this very cool mirror where i'll give myself a hi five. >> i'm really excited.
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i was wondering what new exhibits were here. >> and museum officials are expecting rather large crowds, especially this weekend. >> and if you do plan on coming down, there is a parking lot across the street. the best way to come down to the exploratorium is through bart. >> i'm brian flores, ktvu 2 news. the basketball team tried to attend a little baseball today of the the team was invited to throw out the ceremonial pitch at the a's versus the astros. >> the golden bears are coming off their final 4 appearance. >> josh rhetic hit a double. a the loan survivor who took part in a ceremony for the great
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san francisco earthquake. and our meteorologist will let us know how hot it's going to get.
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. san francisco held itsan you'll annual survivor ceremony today.
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there aren't many survivors like bill any more. he got to ride in a vintage car. the meteorologist joins us now and we are definitely a little bit warmer than we were yesterday. there's a lot more coming. >> i'll be talking about some 80s across the bay area, in our future especially by the weekend. >> we topped out today at 69 degrees. you see the live storm tracker. it's not here; it's way you up to the north on the pacific northwest coast line there. we have mostly clear skies and overall dry weather pattern, here to stay with no rain clouds. >> as far as temperatures updated, can you see some dikt 60s towards liver more, and the airport, 69 degrees.
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>> a wind out of sfo, out of the west, 24 miles an hour. half moon bay, and fairfield, 16 miles an hour. >> for tonight, we will go with this, with clear skies, a bit of a breeze, and more sunshine for thursday and the weekend. >> sunny and warm it will be. >> we will be tracking a few 80s inland. >> tomorrow morning, mostly clear skies, cooler than this morning, so that means lower 40s. >> downtown san francisco, 48, and san jose starting out the day, 44 degrees. >> you definitely want to binder up in the morning hours. dress in layers. 60s coast side, lots of 70s around the bay. that warmest temperatures will be flirts with the 80 dig mark. >> degrees mark. >> a good four to eight degrees
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8 degrees. approaching the 70s out towards santa cruz. we are in the clear. a weak system could move in and generate maybe a few high clouds, friday afternoon at 12:00, but still mostly sunny skies. brent wood in 80, half moon bay, 68. >> here is a look ahead, your five-day forecast, with your weekend in view, trending upward by saturday. sunday will be the warmest. weekend. san jose workers are moving ahead to expand the airport. >> the corporation that operates executive plains for google. they plan to lease the land at the airport and build an $82 million facility. thank you for trusting ktvu
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news. our coverage continues with the 10:00 news. tonight, key evidence in the boston bombing. we'll take you in the company that does video and audio imaging to find the suspect. tmz is up next.
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